Are You Being Heard?

The way you communicate socially and in your personal life might not translate into effective communication in the workplace.  In a business setting, it can be difficult to make your voice heard if you are using the wrong approach.  In this seminar you will:

  • Identify your business conversation identity
  • Learn focused conversation skills and style flexing/matching
  • Get some under-attack diffusion tools

Presenter: Marilyn Deborah, CTP

Conflict Management Series

Conflict is an inevitable part of daily life. If we enter into conflict with good strategies and a willingness to collaborate, it can lead to improved relationships and solutions that benefit everyone.

  • Part 1: Foundations For Successful Conflict Resolution
  • Part 2: Skills For Achieving Successful Conflict Resolution
  • Part 3: What To Say And How To Say It

Presenters:  Dr. Stephanie Bot C. Psych, Donna Marshall, M.A.

Foundations Of Succesful Leadership

Becoming an effective leader is much more than being good at your job. It requires a keen understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of both yourself and those you lead; an ability to motivate and mentor each one and a drive for constant self-improvement. In this seminar you will:
  • Gain a better understanding yourself
  • Learn the four key foundations of successful leadership
  • Learn how to remove obstacles that interfere with your employee's job performance and build on their strengths to create success

Presenter: Donna Marshall, M.A.

Get Control Of Priorities And Deadlines

In order to manage your time effectively, you need to be adept at scheduling tasks and managing deadlines.  You will often find you have two competing projects or deadlines, which can cause a serious problem if you're not properly prepared to manage it.  It can sometimes be difficult to know which tasks to prioritize and which to put on the back burner, so we're here to help.  In this seminar you will:

  • Stop procrastinating and learn how to determine priorities
  • Learn some basic tools for prioritizing
  • Get a four step method to time mastery

Presenter: Marilyn Deborah, CTP

How To Debrief a Performance Review

Learn the crucial steps required to give performance feedback in a way the receiver can hear and benefit from it. 

  • How to frame your feedback
  • What to do when someone resists your feedback
  • Leveraging the feedback to improve performance 

Presenter: Donna Marshall, M.A.

Leading Change At Every Level

Change is essential to growth and development. As a leader helping others to effectively accept and navigate change requires particular skills and abilities. In this seminar you will: 
  • Identify your strengths and areas for development that will make you more effective in leading change 
  • Assess your competencies in four key areas 
  • Learn the five criteria necessary for change and the expected results when one or more is omitted 
 Presenter: Marilyn Debora, CTP

Leading With Respect Program

This intensive program is for leaders who demonstrate aggressive or
bullying patterns and behaviours that negatively impact those around
them and create a toxic work environment. Transform negative leadership
into respectful leadership through self-awareness, skill development,
feedback and self management techniques.

  • Leading With Respect 1: Self Awareness
  • Leading With Respect 2: Self Understanding
  • Leading With Respect 3: Communicating With Respect
  • Leading With Respect 4: Assertive Body Language
  • Leading With Respect 5: Three Powerful Skills
  • Leading With Respect 6: Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Leading With Respect 7: Principles of Effective Conflict Resolution
  • Leading With Respect 8: Managing Stress And Emotions

Resiliency: Strategies for Managing Yourself Through Change

Dealing with change is a normal part of daily life both in our personal lives and our professional ones. Resiliency is defined as elasticity, flexibility and the ability to "bounce back.” How resilient are you? In this seminar you will: 
  • Gain a better understanding of change and what's required to deal with it effectively 
  • Learn how to identify your individual challenges the types of stress that you experience as a result 
  • Develop personal resilience strategies 
Presenter: Marilyn Debora, CTP

Time Management

Effective time management is something many people struggle with. With competing demands, multi-tasking and endless bombardment from countless emails, texts, phone messages, Instagram, Facebook, etc., learning how to manage our time effectively has never been more necessary. In this seminar you will:

  • Learn the true value of your time
  • Recognize the key components of effective goal setting
  • Redirect your future efforts to your most important and valid tasks

Presenter: Marilyn Deborah, CTP

Turning Challenging Conversations into Successful Collaborations

Conversations become difficult when the person receiving the message responds negatively or when we experience anxiety about delivering the message and don't know what to say or how to say it. This course is unique in that it guides you through self-awareness information and exercises to first deal with your own internal barriers and then provides you with the scripts and skills you need to deliver your difficult conversation in a positive manner. In this course you will: 
  • Understand the internal and external challenges inherent in challenging conversations 
  • Learn scripts for difficult conversations 
  • Identify strategies to handle resistance, anger and manipulation 
Presenter: Donna Marshall, M.A.

Would I Follow Me? Series

A good leader requires a great deal of self awareness.  A leader must understand his or her own style of leadership and look for the adjustments that are necessary to lead more effectively.  Only with this desire for self improvement can a leader hope to improve others and inspire them to actions that yield results.  In this bundle, you get:

  • Part 1: Leadership Best Practices
  • Part 2: Understanding And Adjusting Your Leadership Style
  • Part 3: Influencing And Inspiring Others To Action
  • Part 4: Compose Persuasive Messages That Motivate Action And Get Results