Retention Strategies Across the Generations Series

While every employee is unique, those born in the same era tend to have some similar tendencies.  Employees born in the 50s are going to approach the workplace in a very different way than those born in the 80s and it is integral that you plan your HR strategy around that.  In this 2-part seminar you will:

  • Get an overview of the different generations of employees found in the workplace
  • Learn about the tendencies of each of these generations
  • Learn how to keep each generation motivated and interested in sticking around
  • Focus on the unique millennial generation and understand their importance to the future of your company
  • Learn how to lead your millennials effectively

Presenter: Barb Brittain-Marshall, B.A., CHRP

Storytelling as an Employee Engagement Technique

Leading employees is no easy task and there are numerous approaches to managing your Human Resources Effectively.  In this seminar, Barb shows you a unique way of motivating your employees.

  • Storytelling in business and its potential for creating engagement
  • Story ideas and tips on how to get started
  • Mastering the craft of storytelling 

Presenter: Barb Brittain-Marshall, B.A., CHRP

Strategic HR Planning: Journey With A Roadmap

While there are many important components to your company, it is unlikely there is anything more important than human resources.  Given its importance, it is integral to have a strategy in place for managing your HR. In this seminar you will:

  • Learn the history of Strategy and why you need to plan
  • Gain insight into the distinction between Organization and HR strategic plans
  • Learn how HR fits in to your company's strategy as a whole 

Presenter: Barb Brittain-Marshall, B.A., CHRP