Best Practices for Mindfulness & Stress Reduction at Work

While we may not be able to change many of the situations in our lives, we can control how we perceive, experience and manage them.  In this informative, practical and at times funny course Dr. Chayim Newman will help you understand yourself better, the stressors that impact your life and how to use mindfulness best practices to lead a more balanced and contented life.  Dr. Newman will also talk you through an actual Mindfulness exercise in Part 3, to which you can return whenever you feel the need to relax and refocus.

  • Part 1: Understand Stress in the Workplace and Its Impact
  • Part 2: Learn How Mindfulness Can Noticeably Reduce Stress
  • Part 3: Experience a Mindfulness Meditation 

Presenter: Dr. Chayim Newman, PhD, C. Psych.

Diet and ADHD

While no one particular food causes ADHD, certain foods have been shown to be linked with the disorder. Meanwhile, other foods can actually make people more attentive and focused. This seminar will guide you to make good nutritional choices. You will: 
  • Learn the link between diet and ADHD 
  • Learn about the benefits of specific foods and nutrients 
  • Understand what to eat to optimize attention
Presenter: Shauna Lindzon RD

Eating For Life Series

This 4-part series by leading dietician Shauna Lindzon will help you understand and manage your relationship with food to be the healthiest person you can be.

  • Part 1: Why Diets Don't Work
  • Part 2: Healthy Food Choices
  • Part 3: Stock Your Pantry For Health
  • Part 4: Boost Your Energy

Presenter: Shauna Lindzon, RD

Eating To Prevent Cancer

Proper nutrition is powerful. It has the ability to help prevent serious illnesses, including cancer. With the proper balance and slight changes to your diet, you can boost your immune system and protect yourself from disease. In this seminar you will: 
  • Get practical tips on how to change your diet to reduce your risk of cancer 
  • Learn about the link between inflammation and cancer 
  • Discover the foods that have the most promise of protecting your health
Presenter: Shauna Lindzon RD

Efficient Workout Series

Increase the efficiency and impact of your workout sessions. In this session you will:

  • Understand how to get the most out of your fitness time
  • Learn the most effective exercises

Presenter: Katarina Simons, B.Sc., Highpoint Wellness Centre

Ergonomics & Posture

This is a customized course.
Please contact us for more information.

Feeding Your Kids 101

While your child would probably like to have candy for every meal, this isn't an option. You want your child to grow up strong and healthy. Children and adults work at optimum efficiency on a balanced diet, and the earlier you start, the better. Making sure your child is eating right can be tricky, but setting a good example and making healthy eating fun can start your child on the right track. In this seminar you will: 
  • Learn the importance of exposing your child to new foods 
  • Make eating fun 
  • Learn how to deal with picky eaters 
Presenter: Shauna Lindzon RD

Food For Mood

"You are what you eat." Research supports this old saying, demonstrating that the food we consume has a direct relationship not only on our physical health but our mental health as well. In this seminar you will:  

  • Learn how your mood is affected by what you eat
  • Learn how anxiety and depression are linked to what you eat
  • Learn what food habits can help alleviate anxiety and depression

Presenter: Shauna Lindzon RD

Healthy Back, Healthy Body

Back pain affects a great percentage of the population.  Learn the basics about back pain and how to maintain a healthy back.

  • What is Back Pain?
  • What are the risk factors?
  • Maintaining a Healthy Back

Presenter: Dr. Emily Danson, B.Kin., D.C. Dip Med., Ac., ART(r)

How To Lose The Last 5 Pounds

How to Lose the Last 5 Pounds....and Keep it off!

What are the essentials of weight loss?

  • How much is our weight a measurement of our health??
  • How do we make this long-term
  • How do we keep it up? 

Presenter: Highpoint Wellness Centre

Losing Sleep? Here’s how to get those zzzz’s

A good night's sleep leaves us feeling refreshed, energized and more resilient. There are many things that interfere with optimal sleep including anxiety, health issues, noise and diet to name just a few. Without adequate sleep normal physical, cognitive, social and emotional functioning becomes challenging. In this course you will: 
  • Understand the dangers of not getting enough sleep 
  • Become aware of symptoms that may constitute a sleep disorder 
  • Learn about the causes of insomnia and strategies to help you sleep better 
Presenter: Tyler Davis, developed by Dr. Stephanie Bot, C. Psych., Psychoanalyst

Stress Management Series

Reactions to stress account for 80% of doctor visits. Stress reactions are created by both external factors, such as conflict, financial difficulties and caregiving, as well as from internal factors such as how we perceive challenges, problem solving abilities and emotional resilience. When stress is not addressed, it can lead to sickness, mental illness and a hampered ability to function successfully. In this 3 part series leading stress management counsellor Ivana Jackson shows you how to identify and reduce stress in your life. Series includes:

  • Part 1: Understand Stress
  • Part 2: Techniques And Tools
  • Part 3: How Changing My Behavior Will Reduce My Stress

Presenter: Ivana Jackson B.A., M.A., M.S.W., C.S.W.

Stress Resiliency Workshop

We know we are stressed when our bodies and emotions send us danger signals. In this course you will learn to identify the symptoms so you can focus on addressing the root causes of your stress before you become ill.

  • Headache
  • Fatigue & trouble sleeping
  • Back, shoulder, neck pain
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Digestive trouble
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Dizziness and light headedness

Presenter: Dr. Dwight Chapin & Dr. Bronwyn Hill