Body Image and Self Esteem

Body image refers to how we see ourselves. A person's body image can be distorted when they carry a belief that they are unattractive, unacceptable or inferior. In this seminar Dr. Stephanie Bot will help you: 
  • Understand how your body image and sense of self developed 
  • Test your body image and where your problems lie 
  • Delve into how your relationship with yourself is reflected in your body image 
  • Understand how your body image impacts your life 
  • Improve your body image
Presenters: Dr. Stephanie Bot, C. Psych., Psychoanalyst 

Dress For Success

It can be confusing to know how to dress in today's workplace environment. Learn about the three types of workplace dress styles, when to wear them, and when not to.

  • Understand the differences between
    Casual, Smart Casual and Formal
  • Jewelry, head coverings/hats
  • What to wear when meeting with clients
    and other stakeholders

Presenter: Tyler Davis

Time Management

Effective time management is something many people struggle with. With competing demands, multi-tasking and endless bombardment from countless emails, texts, phone messages, Instagram, Facebook, etc., learning how to manage our time effectively has never been more necessary. In this seminar you will:

  • Learn the true value of your time
  • Recognize the key components of effective goal setting
  • Redirect your future efforts to your most important and valid tasks

Presenter: Marilyn Deborah, CTP

Workplace Etiquette 101

This fun and engaging course give you quick tips on what to do and not do to ensure you don't sabotage your career with silly little faux pas. 

Presenter: Tyler Davis