Fundamentals of Leadership for HR Professionals

In this interactive skills-based 3 part series HR Professionals will learn how to create a solid foundation for success in Leadership and Communication.  This series is a must for all HR leaders, whether starting your career or as a refresher for more seasoned professionals.  
  • Part 1:  3 Powerful Communication Skills 
  • Part 2:  Craft Persuasive Messages that Motivate Action and Get Results 
  • Part 3:  Foundations of Successful Leadership 
Total Time: 52 Minutes
Total HRPA CPD Credits: 1

Managing Yourself and Others Through Change

Managing change in an organization is a complex undertaking, so it is helpful to understand the foundational principles before embarking on the change process. This comprehensive course helps you assess yourself, your organization and the change process to be able to plan and implement change effectively. In this seminar you will: 
  • Recognize the key barriers that prevent successful change management 
  • Understand the skills and best practices required by your "Change Agents” to lead change effectively 
  • Learn core Principles and Best Practices for communicating change and overcoming resistance to change in an organization 
Total Time: 43 Minutes
Total HRPA CPD Credits: 1

People Management Skills for HR Professionals

As an HR Professional others turn to you for advice and mentoring on how to deal with difficult people.  In this 4 part series by Relational Psychologist Dr. Stephanie Bot, you will learn new concepts and skills you haven't heard anywhere else.  Dr. Bot takes you though a step-by-step understanding of the various types of difficult people and how to deal effectively with each type. 

  • Part 1: Understanding The Difficult Person
  • Part 2: Managing The Difficult Person
  • Part 3: Managing Stress and Emotions
  • Part 4: Role Play
Total Time: 56 Minutes
Total HRPA CPD Credits: 1

Secrets to Mediating and Managing Employee Conflicts

As an HR professional you are looked to as a model and mentor on how to manage conflict. In this 3 part series, Relational Psychologist Dr. Stephanie Bot shares the secrets she teaches her private clients on how to best handle the complexities of workplace conflict. When reframed, conflict can be seen as precipitating progress. Entering into conflict with good strategies and a willingness to collaborate can lead to creative solutions for all parties. 
  • Part 1: Foundations For Successful Conflict Resolution 
  • Part 2: Skills For Achieving Successful Conflict Resolution 
  • Part 3: What To Say And How To Say It 
Total Time: 65 Minutes
Total HRPA CPD Credits: 1

Taming Tough Conversations

As an HR professional you are bound to encounter some difficult conversations.  In this 3-part seminar you'll learn how to give difficult feedback, get the skills to help others receive feedback, and turn challenging conversations into successful ones.
  • Session 1: Giving Feedback With Confidence 
  • Session 2: Receiving Feedback With Confidence 
  • Session 3: Turning Challenging Conversations into Successful Collaborations 
Total Time: 48 Minutes
Total HRPA CPD Credits: 1

Would I Follow Me?

In this engaging and skills-packed Advanced Leadership Development course series, HR Professionals will learn the range of skills required to successfully navigate the many layers and complexities of their job. You are provided with a downloadable workbook to chart your success throughout the course series. Includes:

  • Part 1: Leadership Best Practices
  • Part 2: Understanding And Adjusting Your Leadership Style
  • Part 3: Influencing and Inspiring Others to Action
  • Part 4: Would I Follow Me?

Total Time: 84 Minutes
Total HRPA CPD Credits: 1