3 Powerful Communication Skills

Successful communication in today's work environment requires the ability to inspire and engage others as well as foster buy-in to ideas, plans and actions. Three core skills are at the foundation of successful communication and when used effectively can lead to improved communication. In this seminar you will: 
  • Learn the power of 'I' messages 
  • Listen attentively to understand, solve problems, and inspire others 
  • Learn how to engage and inspire others
Presenter: Donna Marshall, M.A.

Are You Being Heard?

The way you communicate socially and in your personal life might not translate into effective communication in the workplace.  In a business setting, it can be difficult to make your voice heard if you are using the wrong approach.  In this seminar you will:

  • Identify your business conversation identity
  • Learn focused conversation skills and style flexing/matching
  • Get some under-attack diffusion tools

Presenter: Marilyn Deborah, CTP

Communicating with Respect Series

This 3 part course will help you further develop your self control and a sense of concern for others, taking you through self awareness and self understanding to arrive at a place from which you can communicate more respectfully, cultivating a more productive work environment.

  • Part 1: Self Awareness
  • Part 2: Self Understanding
  • Part 3: Communicating With Respect

Presenter: Dr. Stephanie Bot, C. Psych., Psychoanalyst

These 3 presentations can also be found as the first 3 parts of the Leading With Respect bundle found in the Management and Leadership iconic category.

Compose Persuasive Messages that Motivate Action and Get Results

The best communicators know the secrets of targeted messaging to get powerful results. Through the skills you will learn in this course you will: 
  • Learn how to identify, clarify and pinpoint the desired results of your message by using a results matrix 
  • Shape your message using elements of Information Packaging 
  • Determine which communication vehicle is most appropriate for your message 
Presenter: Marilyn Debora, CTP

Conflict Management Series

Conflict is an inevitable part of daily life. If we enter into conflict with good strategies and a willingness to collaborate, it can lead to improved relationships and solutions that benefit everyone.

  • Part 1: Foundations For Successful Conflict Resolution
  • Part 2: Skills For Achieving Successful Conflict Resolution
  • Part 3: What To Say And How To Say It

Presenters:  Dr. Stephanie Bot C. Psych, Donna Marshall, M.A.

Dealing With Difficult People Series

We all encounter difficult people at some point in our personal or professional lives. Dealing with them effectively means learning to manage ourselves, our communication and our understanding of what's really going on with that difficult person.

  • Part 1: Understanding The Difficult Person
  • Part 2: Managing The Difficult Person
  • Part 3: Managing Your Emotions
  • Part 4: Dealing With Coworkers With Bad Attitudes

Presenter: Dr. Stephanie Bot, C. Psych.

Diversity and Sensitivity At Work

In today's diverse business environment we must ensure our communication style and language reflects respect for everyone regardless of their difference, recognizing the values and contributions of every human being. 

  • Sensitivity and Self Awareness
  • Language of Discrimination
  • Language of Sensitivity and Respect

Presenter: Dr. Stephanie Bot, C. Psych., Psychoanalyst

Don't Be A Scapegoat!

Have you ever been blamed for a problem you didn't cause? In this short video demonstration and seminar you'll get guidance from Dr. Stephanie Bot on how to handle scapegoating at work, and watch Alice put this guidance into action.

Narrator: Tyler Davis

Dress For Success

It can be confusing to know how to dress in today's workplace environment. Learn about the three types of workplace dress styles, when to wear them, and when not to.

  • Understand the differences between
    Casual, Smart Casual and Formal
  • Jewelry, head coverings/hats
  • What to wear when meeting with clients
    and other stakeholders

Presenter: Tyler Davis

Effective Body Language

In this seminar you will learn about verbal, paraverbal and non-verbal communication and how to use each of them in the most effective ways possible. 

  • Learn visual, verbal, paraverbal and body language skills
  • Show confidence with the proper handshake
  • Utilize eye contact, gestures, silence and space for greater impact

Presenter: Donna Marshall, M.A.

Giving Feedback With Confidence

Many people find giving feedback difficult, especially if it is negative. We may not know exactly what to say or how to say it or we may be concerned about the reactions of the other person and not know what to do. This seminar gives you the tools you need to provide feedback effectively and handle responses from others with greater ease. In this seminar you will learn: 
  • The step by step 6-part process for giving feedback 
  • How to deal with resistance to your feedback 
  • Scripts to help you address real-life situations 
Presenter: Donna Marshall, M.A.

How To Debrief a Performance Review

Learn the crucial steps required to give performance feedback in a way the receiver can hear and benefit from it. 

  • How to frame your feedback
  • What to do when someone resists your feedback
  • Leveraging the feedback to improve performance 

Presenter: Donna Marshall, M.A.

Receiving Feedback With Confidence

Receiving feedback with grace and confidence can be a challenge, especially if the feedback is negative. Many of us have a tendency to get defensive, justify, explain or even deny the validity of the feedback. Learning from feedback is an essential aspect of success. In this course you will learn: 
  • How to manage your emotions and responses when receiving uncomfortable feedback 
  • What to say and how to act when receiving feedback 
  • How to internalize, learn and develop from receiving feedback positively 
Presenter: Donna Marshall, M.A.

Relationship Roadblocks and How to Repair Them Series

Relationships can become unbalanced when one person over functions and the other under functions. This can create resentment, negativity and disconnection. This seminar encourages individuals to reflect on their own relationship styles and discover what they can do differently to overcome relationship challenges. 
  • Understand why you and others over and under function 
  • Learn strategies to create healthier relationship dynamics 
  • Develop better communication styles and interactions
Presenter: Dr. Stephanie Bot C. Psych., Psychoanalyst

Turning Challenging Conversations into Successful Collaborations

Conversations become difficult when the person receiving the message responds negatively or when we experience anxiety about delivering the message and don't know what to say or how to say it. This course is unique in that it guides you through self-awareness information and exercises to first deal with your own internal barriers and then provides you with the scripts and skills you need to deliver your difficult conversation in a positive manner. In this course you will: 
  • Understand the internal and external challenges inherent in challenging conversations 
  • Learn scripts for difficult conversations 
  • Identify strategies to handle resistance, anger and manipulation 
Presenter: Donna Marshall, M.A.